• Semana Santa Lorca

    Easter Week in Lorca

    You are about to discover one of the most important and unique religious festivals in Spain. Lorca Holy Week was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest in 2007 and its origin dates back centuries ago but what changes the concept of a Holy Week procession is its staging and originality turning it into an experience no one should miss. This splendid religious festivals stands out not only for the deep devotion to the Virgin Mary and her relationship with the Holy Week Brotherhoods (“Virgen de la Amargura patron saint of the White Brotherhood, and the “Virgen de los Dolores” patron saint of the Blue Brotherhood) but also for its horses riding events, handmade silk and gold embroidery and last, but not least, for the rivalry between its two main brotherhoods known as “Blue Paso” and “White Paso”.

    The handmade silk and gold embroidery on show during this festivity is unique, to the point that some of its pieces have received Spain’s first textile “Goods of Cultural Interest” label. It is a hundred-year-old tradition carried out by experienced embroiderers and artistic directors who take responsibility for embroidering the different bible passages.

    Visitors should definitely not miss a visit to the different church headquarters decorated for the occasion with all kinds of artistic patrimony and, of course, the areas used to house the horses and their riders where they will be able to observe the last minute dressing and harnessing of these marvellous animals along with the horse pulling rehearsal. The horse is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding characters of the Lorca Holy Week celebrations and becomes, at certain points during the procession, the indisputable protagonist, gifted with the ability to bring sitting spectators to their feet during a performance.

    This section will give you access to all of the contents generated by Lorca Town Hall as well as by each one of the brotherhoods such as the program or the manual to follow Good Friday processions with every character in the parade and its description.

    Also enjoy the audiovisual files to experience first hand this unique event which can also be experienced the whole year round in the embroidery museums.

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