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    Embroidery Museums

    Imagen Museo de Bordados

    In Lorca, you can enjoy our Easter Week celebrations all over the year as, by visiting our embroidery museums, tourist can experiences this Biblical Parades with the videos on this celebration as well as admiring the rich patrimony of the brotherhoods exhibited in their museums

    Imagen Museo de Bordados

    White Brotherhood.

    Museo de Bordados MUBBLAEmbroidery Museum MUBBLA  C/ Santo Domingo. Telf. 650 272 004 www.mubbla.org

    Blue Brotherhood.

    Museo de Bordados Paso AzulEmbroidery Museum. C/ Cuesta de San Francisco  Telf. 968 472 077. http://museoazul.com/

    Crimson Brotherhood.

    Museo de Bordados Paso EncarnadoEmbroidery Museum. C/ Eulogio Periago nº 2. Telf. 968 472 456. www.pasoencarnado.es

    Purple Brotherhood.

    Museo de Bordados Paso MoradoEmbroidery Museum. C/ Nogalte nº 42. Telf. 968 467 959 www.pasomorado.com

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