• El sonido de las olas,
    nos sale bordado
    Hacerte disfrutar las vacaciones,
    lo bordamos
    Tus vacaciones,
    las bordamos
    Celebrar la vida
    nos sale bordado

    Semana Santa Lorca

    Treasures of Lorca

    Images from Lorca that will surprise you.

    Here, you can visualize six 1 minute videos which will get you closer to some of the most amazing spots in the geography of Lorca and to some of the most important moments in the festivity calendar of the city.

    Easter Week in Lorca. A different Passion

    The Fortress of the Sun

    Monumental Lorca

    Museums in Lorca

    Lorca coastline and inner land

    Craft, Eating and Leisure in Lorca

    Museos y Monumentos de Lorca

    Oficina Virtual de Turismo